How to Stop Working for Money (And Live Life with a Purpose)

stop working for money

Stop working for money or spend your life in misery…

Seriously, I have never given this advice that much thought until recently.

Just like everybody else, I was consumed by floods of financial obligations. From monthly bills that need urgent attention to target weekly income that I have set for myself, it seems that my search for money won’t just end with a single paycheck.

But it took it’s toll on my mental and spiritual well-being. Not only did I start working for money, but I also let it become then captain of my ship.

I suddenly turned into a zombie–always thirsty, lonely and restless. I traded time  for money and easily got depressed when I fail to work well within my targets.

Business had become a money-making agenda for me. My visionary side who once dreamed of creating a better world suddenly lost his vigor. I was then left with only two choices…

To work for money or to let money work for me

I decided to turn my life around.

I made a decision that perhaps turned Bill Gates and Warren into who they are today.

I’m now working with a fresh new perspective and motivation in life.

I stopped working for money and focused on what I can do to make every business transaction more unforgettable. I searched for my inner fulfillment and found out that helping businesses get out of the rut gives my existence a divine purpose.

I’m now using my copywriting skills to inspire and make a difference. And lucky for me, the money just keep on flowing.

Money is the root of all evil….

..but only if you let it grab you by the tail and throw you into the pits of emptiness.

We all need money to pay the bills and keep our family under one roof. But there’s more to life than dollar signs and fat bank accounts.

Just like the old hermit man found dead with $7 million worth of gold coins inside his Nevada home, you can never take the money away with you.

If you forget to breathe and savor the little pleasures in life, chances are you might get trapped within a cycle of empty money-making endeavors.

You create your own experiences so if you let money drive your life, expert a hard crash anytime soon.

Find you passion today

I thank God for giving me enough time to discover my passion. Although I long for financial freedom, sudden turn of events always zap me back to the reality that money, indeed, doesn’t provide everything.

Have you found your passion?

Are you happy doing what you’re doing even for free?

If yes, then you’re one of the lucky few.

If you really hate your job and left with no alternatives, start changing your perspective today.

Instead of putting blame on external factors, why not start finding reasons why you should love your job. Make a list of the things that make your position special and helpful for the company. You may not have a perfect job but if you stop working for money and start making a difference, happiness will find it’s way to you.

Your Turn

Do you think money should be a person’s sole motivation to work? What are your strategies to keep things in the right perspective?

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the comment section below!

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2 Responses to How to Stop Working for Money (And Live Life with a Purpose)

  1. Carol says:

    I am surprised how few people have a real sense of what their passion is. The high productivity environment that we live in today doesn’t lend itself to that kind of personal discovery. I would love to see that change!

    • Lui B. says:

      Well, Carol, it goes without saying that only few people have the courage or the “chance” to follow their passion. This age of consumerism pushes most of us to work for money and forget to nurture that inner passion. If we can only take a few seconds to detach ourselves from technology and reflect, life will be so much better.

      I hope you’ve found yours.

      Thanks for dropping by.

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