How to Earn More as a Freelance Writer in 2013

check-listAs it turned out, the world didn’t end in 2012.

And thanks to holiday merriment, the worldwide hysteria is officially over. Now, it’s business as usual.

Everybody is now back on track and ready to put the nightmares of 2012 behind. And  for freelance writers who are yet to launch a consistent cash flow, 2013 is said to be the perfect time to start anew.

Online start-ups are estimated to increase in unprecedented numbers this year as mobile browsing continues to expand it’s influence. And then we  also have e-commerce websites, business blogs, and internet marketing campaigns that are always on the lookout for talented copywriters.

Content is king, they always say.

But 2013 is about to put a different twist to this old adage. To put it simply, more contents means more opportunities for freelance writers. And if you want to boost your freelance income this year either on a full-time or part-time basis, you must be willing to step up your game.

So be ready to beat the procrastinator in you and follow these productivity tips to earn more in 2013:

Set goals

Goal-setting is not a sure-fire way to succeed but an indispensable business tool nonetheless.

So whether your goal is to build multiple income stream or generate a six-figure writing business this year, make sure to write it down. To achieve a life-work balance, you can also create specific goals for family, health, spiritual, social life and so on.

Writing goals is not the be-all and end-all of successful freelance career but in order to take action, you need a guide to tell you where you need to go. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bounded goals can set the mood for a more productive and fruitful career in 2013.

So write your goals and act on them.

Network like crazy

Freelance writing is business. Sadly, most writers are stuck in a state of inertia due to the wrong notion that their profession is solitary in nature.

This is now 2013, not 18th century for crying out loud. There’s now truth in the saying that it’s not what you now but who you know that determines if you’ll make the cut or not.

Accept the reality that freelance writing is not just about writing.

You can start building your network within your blog by responding to reader’s comments and setting-up an e-mail newsletter. To gain a stronger online presence, you can also participate in various forums specific to your niche, give expert answers in Quora or start a guest blogging  campaign that will establish your business brand.

Ditch the bad habits

2013 is the year of active writers, not procrastinating freelancers. 

In other words, you will always get what you’ve been getting if you keep doing what you’ve been doing. Try to eliminate your bad habits starting today and replace them with more productive ways to relaunch your writing business. For example, instead of stifling your creativity with Facebook and other time-wasters, why not perform 30-minute workouts everyday to keep your brain more active?

Habits are your foundation for a more successful writing career. Be master of your habits or they’ll master you.

Write everyday

Writing is a chore for those who look at it as a boring, mechanical activity.

But it can be as enjoyable as long as you write with the right motives. If you want to get better at this craft, you must establish a healthy writing habit everyday. You read that right. Every. Freaking. Day.

It might be tortuous at first but just like in any exercise, your writing juice will start to flow spontaneously once you build a good habit. And habit forms after you do the same thing everyday for 21 days.

So start writing at least 500 words a day and I promise you, that writing voice you’ve been searching for will come to you in shining, shimmering coat.

Just do it

I have a lot of regrets for 2012. One of them is my failure to take actions.

Like most newbie writers, I was inundated with tons of free eBooks, online courses and white papers that seemed to provide me only one thing: INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that the internet has changed the landscape for information sharing dramatically–the things you buy yesterday are now offered online for FREE. But that was the problem for me. With all the contents I have devoured and still waiting to be read in my eBook library, it became harder to get started.

I was overwhelmed. Confused. Frightened. Fucked up.

And there goes the story why most writers remains stuck in the rut.

So how can you achieve real success in 2013? Simple: Act NOW.

Don’t wait until you’re ready to face the challenges.

Time is running out.

Competition is getting stiffer.

So if you don’t start taking risks today, chances are you’ll remain a procrastinator and information junkie all year round.

Choose what you read and have a bias for action.

Are you ready to wear your writing hat in 2013?

Happy new year everyone!


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