The One Writing Roadblock that Always Holds Me Back

self2I have a confession to make.

When I started this small blog on writing productivity, helping other people wasn’t one of my intentions. Truth be told, this website is all about myself–how I struggle as a writer and the strategies I use to beat my writing enemies.

But the harder I try, the more I realize I’m lacking something REALLY important.

I love writing BUT….

..there’s one demon that keeps on holding me back.

At first, I thought it was  just simple procrastination or lack of proper time management skills. But after I tried every possible way to kick my bad habits away — from Pomodoro technique to Dark Room software — I realized that my efforts were bearing no fruits.

End result? A faceless online business and a meager income that’s not even enough to cover my health insurance.

So I started to ask myself:

What’s the missing link?

It’s not long before I finally discovered the culprit behind my unproductive freelance career. Painful as it may seem, I have to admit it’s ME and only ME all along. My lack of ‘writing confidence’ should be blamed why I have failed to raise my income from zero to hero.

But as I began to reflect on this, I found out a few alibis why I’m still stuck in the rut:

  • I never took writing-related course in college.
  • I’m not a native English speaker.
  • I’m a slow writer.
  • I was not the best English student back in high school.
  • I have tons of online business ideas but too afraid to put my thoughts to writing.

Combine all the factors listed above and you’ll get a writer who can’t muster the courage to grab bigger opportunities. And although I consider myself a self-taught writer and a passionate human being, my experience is clearly not enough. I want to earn something that will tell my prospects–and myself–that what I offer is not a flash in the pan….

Something that will help me sell health supplements and build a solid copywriting business from scratch.

Something that will give me the confidence of a native writer and help me to get my words out there.

Something that Damn Fine Words can deliver 100%.

So do I deserve to win?

Not if I don’t care about my ‘calling’. But I do.

Besides, a writing course as prestigious as DFW will serve as a first aid kit for my dwindling confidence in writing. I believe in the power of my craft but having someone to help you break through all the clutter makes this pen-less journey even more worthwhile.

I know, I know.

Writing this piece also means taking a risk. But I believe in my profession and there’s no other way to move forward but to get better. Every. Freakin’. Day.

Writing is non-stop learning and I hope to find my teacher soon.

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